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JaguarPC Review VPS Hosting: $14/Month 40GB Space Coupon

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Price: $14/Month

You definitely will fine some of the best VPS hosting prices with JaguarPC. Prices starts at $14/month for 40 GB disk space, 2 GB ram, with a whopping 5 TG in bandwidth.


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JaguarPC VPS Hosting Review

One of the powerhouse names in the webhosting world, JaguarPC has helped many a company flourish and has become one of the top names in the industry with tons of experience and excellent service. The company has almost 20 years of experience under its belt and has earned itself quite a name in that time with exceptional service and a spotless track record. JaguarPC only this year set quite a record in the industry for growth and product placement. The company has over 300,000 domains under their services and is ranked amongst the very best of hosting companies.

JaguarPC VPS Hosting Package Breakdown (Unmanaged)

You definitely will fine some of the best VPS hosting prices with JaguarPC. Prices starts at $14/month for 40 GB disk space, 2 GB ram, with a whopping 5 TG in bandwidth.

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JaguarPC VPS Managed Hosting Package Price Comparison

There are five choices of Managed VPS hosting packages JaguarPC gives you as mentioned before. These are:

  1. RAM: 2GB

Disk Space: 40GB

IP Addresses: 2

Bandwidth: 5TB

Price: $29.95

VPS Hosting Add-ons

  • 1000 GB Bandwidth – $7/month
  • 10GB SSD Disk – $7/month
  • Server Management – $27/month
  • Additional IPS – $2/ month
  • SSL certificate – $27/month
  • RV Skin – $2/month
  • Softaculous $1/month
  • Domain Name – $14.95/year
  • ClientExec -$3/month
  • WHMCS – $5/month
  • Lite Speed – $17/month /yr
  • WHM/cPanel – $7/month /yr

JaguarPC VPS Hosting Review

If you are a business starting up or a company looking to setup a website and/or VPS network, then it is more than likely that you have come across the name of JaguarPC. They are one of the premier service providers of VPS. By visiting the JaguarPC website, you can tell just how professional these guys really are. Everything is fleshed out to a tee, and does not leave any questions to be asked regarding their hosting services, but if one should have a question they have a live chat, and a 24/7 customer service line.

JaguarPC’s strength is in its line of quality and affordable VPS services. The only downside we see is that JaguarPC do not offer any control over what the user would want to select other than five already set VPS plans. These choices cover a small range of possible requirements and thus puts a bit of a damper on the selection process, but they do make up for it with their service. JaguarPC also makes up for the small set of VPS choices with quite a number of add-ons, which in my opinion should have been included within the packages. But other than that JaguarPC deliver an almost unbeatable service with their VPs packages and you cannot go wrong with them. Amazing uptime coupled with amazing customer service, JaguarPC truly deserves to be named as one of the top VPS hosting companies.

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Conclusion Rating
Company Reputation
5 stars
Server Specs & Prices
5 stars
Reliability & Uptime
5 stars
Customer Support
5 stars

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