Helpful Tips on Choosing a Web Hosting Service

There is no such thing as one web hosting plan for all kinds of websites, especially now that different websites have different needs. The introduction of cloud solutions has also thrown yet another spanner in the works. Running a static site is not the same as running a blog with thousands of visitors. Choosing the right plan to use is the first step towards starting a successful site, and these next few helpful tips will get you started in no time.

Web Hosting Reviews That Count

There are thousands, or even millions, of web hosting reviews to go through. You can find them at review sites, other blogs, online forums and even on the web hosting companies’ websites. However, reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt.

Keep in mind that there is no web hosting company that doesn’t have a negative review somewhere. A negative review doesn’t mean the hosting company is bad. It just means that the plans they offer weren’t designed for that particular user.

There are also a lot of positive reviews and you should use them with caution as well. Positive reviews that come from endorsed blogs or users, users that have only used one hosting company and those who are trying to get you to click their affiliate links are not the ones you are looking for.

So what kind of reviews should you focus on? Try to find professional reviews that offer comparisons, detailed feature reviews and tons of other information. These valuable reviews will help you understand more about the hosting company rather quickly.

Ask Questions!

Most of you don’t really get in touch with the web hosting company you are engaging before making a purchase. This is not the best approach to take. Instead, you should try the company’s customer support channels before finalizing your purchase decision.
There are a few questions you can ask in order to assess a web hosting company. For starters, you can ask them to help you choose the most suitable hosting plan to use by letting them know the kind of website you will be hosting. As mentioned earlier, you need to be specific about your needs in order to find a suitable hosting service to use.

Test the Hosting Service Yourself

When buying a web hosting service plan, you usually get 30-day (or more) money back guarantee with the purchase. Use this period to do some testing yourself before launching your site. There are a number of tools you can use to simplify the process of testing a web hosting service too.

Google’s PageSpeed, for instance, will test your page’s load speed. When the server takes too long to respond, PageSpeed will tell you about it. Tools such as Load Impact allows you to test the website and the hosting service you are using under heavy load. You can generally see how the website performs and how the server copes with the extra traffic.
Lastly, you can find websites similar to what you are starting – particularly popular sites – and use or similar tools to find information on the web hosting services they use.

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